4 x Amonkhet common set (404 kort)
Detta set innehåller 4st var av följande kort (totalt 404 kort) :

Anointer Priest Splendid Agony
Binding Mummy Supernatural Stamina
Cartouche of Solidarity Trespasser's Curse
Compulsory Rest Unburden
Djeru's Resolve Wander in Death
Fan Bearer Wasteland Scorpion
Forsake the Worldly Blazing Volley
Gust Walker Bloodlust Inciter
Impeccable Timing Brute Strength
In Oketra's Name Cartouche of Zeal
Mighty Leap Desert Cerodon
Rhet-Crop Spearmaster Electrify
Sacred Cat Emberhorn Minotaur
Sparring Mummy Fling
Supply Caravan Hyena Pack
Tah-Crop Elite Magma Spray
Those Who Serve Manticore of the Gauntlet
Unwavering Initiate Minotaur Sureshot
Winged Shepherd Nef-Crop Entangler
Ancient Crab Nimble-Blade Khenra
Aven Initiate Pathmaker Initiate
Cancel Pursue Glory
Cartouche of Knowledge Thresher Lizard
Compelling Argument Tormenting Voice
Decision Paralysis Violent Impact
Essence Scatter Benefaction of Rhonas
Floodwaters Bitterblade Warrior
Hekma Sentinels Cartouche of Strength
Hieroglyphic Illumination Colossapede
Illusory Wrappings Dissenter's Deliverance
Naga Oracle Giant Spider
River Serpent Gift of Paradise
Scribe of the Mindful Greater Sandwurm
Seeker of Insight Haze of Pollen
Shimmerscale Drake Hooded Brawler
Slither Blade Initiate's Companion
Tah-Crop Skirmisher Naga Vitalist
Winds of Rebuke Oashra Cultivator
Blighted Bat Ornery Kudu
Cartouche of Ambition Pouncing Cheetah
Cursed Minotaur Quarry Hauler
Doomed Dissenter Shed Weakness
Dune Beetle Spidery Grasp
Festering Mummy Stinging Shot
Final Reward Honed Khopesh
Horror of the Broken Lands Luxa River Shrine
Miasmic Mummy Cradle of the Accursed
Painful Lesson Evolving Wilds
Pitiless Vizier Submerged Boneyard
Scarab Feast Sunscorched Desert

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